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Antique John Broadwood and son square grand piano

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Price: 2800.00 USD

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This piano is in good condition. The instrument was fitted with new strings about 4 years ago with the original strings used as patterns. It comes with a special tuning hammer not available today as the bulk of the tuning pins are oblong in shape.Any pins that would not hold their tune were replaced with conventional pins. Every note plays,and the tone of the instrument is similar to a harpsichord.I was told by a licensed valuer that it was an instrument that really belonged in a museum and that if it was sent to England and fully restored would be priceless.Perhaps it would suit placement in a collectors or old mansion of that vintage.Or someone who really likes antique things. The fretwork as shown in the photo is beautiful. It has 1 wooden pedal.The keys are original ivory.It has 4 legs that unscrew.

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For Payment I accept Paypal,Bank transfer,direct deposit,Cheque (you pick up after cheque is cleared.)money order, cash. Height assembled= Length= Height no legs or lyre unscrewed. Every person who has seen this beautiful piano is overwhelmed by its antiquity.